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Glycyrrhiza Glabra Mother Tincture

              Price: INR Indication: Laxative, demulcent, emollient, effective for  cough, sore- throat, genito-urinary dieases.It contains Glycrrhizin,useful for sore-throat, Chronic bronchitis. Immunostimulant, hepatoprotective, antioxidant, Inhibiting tumor promoting activity, Estragenic, Cholesterol controlling agent,...
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Ginkgo Biloba Mother Tincture

Price: INR 285/- (Adel) Indication: Improving poor cerebral circulation, Improving memory and concentration, Improves auto immune diseases, Reduces Multiple sclerosis, dementia, PAF (Platelet activating factors), It is used in high blood pressure, Arteriosclerosis (Deposit of fats in the arteries). Anti allergic. Dosage: It is recommended to consult with practitioner or H...
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Echinacea Angustifolia Mother Tincture

Price: INR 200/- ( Adel) Indication: Blood dyscrasia, Blood poisoning , Tendency to malignancy in acute disorders, Eases pain in last stage of cancer, Acts on vermiform appendix or appendicitis, Useful drug for insects, poisonous plants snake bites and stings, Immune stimulant for all ages from virus and bacteria. Dosage: It is recommended to consult with practitioner or ...
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Aletris Farinosa Mother Tincture

                                                                                          Price: INR 200/- (Adel) Indication: Anaemic, Tiredness, Prolapsus, Leucorrhoea, Rectal disease, Oestrogenic action, Dysmenorrhoea, Irregular abortions, menopausal problems. Dosage: It is recommended to consult with practitioner or Homeopathy Doctors.
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