The Biochemic remedies play an important role in homoeopathy. They are chemically pure salts, homogeneous to the cell minerals in human body, physiologically and chemically in close relation to them.The Biochemic treatment system is basically based on the theory that the health of bodie€™s cells is dependent on the particular amount of 12 inorganic salts in them.


Calcarea Phosphorica

CALCAREA FLOURICA A constituent of the bones and the tooth enamel. It suits flabby constitution, tendency to varicose veins and chronic ulcerated varicose veins with severe piercing pains. Pains in the lumbar region (low back and loins) and lumbago. Extensively used for varicose veins, piles, cataract, gumboils, arteriosclerosis, bone fistulas, dental caries, formation of extostoses (benign growth projecting from bone surface).

CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA: Retarded Dentition, growth supplement for children, puberty, pregnancy, and old age fractures, poor nutrition, poor circulation. It is a constitutional remedy for anaemic, scrofulous, leptosomatic, rachitic, neurasthanic children and women suffering from lymphatism, emaciation and rapid mental fatigue, disturbances of growth, pains at bone structures, weakness of pelvic floor.

CALCAREA SULPHURICA: It has favourable influence on ulcers, Cystic tumors, fibroids, hastens suppuration, eczema, boils, punplis, abscesses, furuncles, carbuncles. Anal fistulas. Good results can also be obtained in the case of supportive bronchitis, suppurative sinusitis and protracted tonsilitis.


Ferrum Phosphoricum

FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM: Anaemia, feverish condition, catarrhal condition of respiratory tract. Congestive headaches accompanied by migraine-like conditions, throbbing and pulsating in the head, feeling of cold. Diarrhoea after every meal. Irritable bladder with incontinence.


Kalium Phosphoricum

KALIUM MURIATICUM: Controls affections of middle ear, throat, glandular inflamation. Swelling of glands in measles, mumps. Marginal follicular tonsillitis, catarrhal otis media.

KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM: Prostration, weakness, general and nervous exhaustion, mental and physical weakness, back pain, depression, sleeplessness, examination fear, head fatigue, irritability, Important remedy against all feverish conditions( except tuberculosis ).

KALIUM SULPHURICUM: Mucosa with yellow discharge (Bronchitis), itching of the skin and seasonal rashes, shifting pain in legs. Depressive mood with a tendency to tears. Cough accompanied with mucous. Rheumatisim following exposure to wet conditions. Catarrhal jaundice.

MAGNESIUM PHOSPHORICUM: Muscular pains, cramps, convulsions, flatulent colic, menstrual pains. Tooth spasm in children. Violent spasmodic intestinal colic accompanied by erucation of gas. Urina spastica. Neuralgia accompanied with muscular spasm.


natrum muriaticum

NATRUM MURIATICUM: Intermittent fever, sunstroke, headache, toothache, stomach ache, diabetes. Weakness of the bladder muscles, lack of libido, general loss of weight, often pain in the back and feeling of depression. Scrofulosis ,chronic headaches and migraine ,chronic rhinitis and bronchitis.

NATRUM PHOSPHORICUM: Its main target is the gastro intestinal tract. Hyperacidity, Sour eructation’s and vomiting, heart burn, indigestion with acidity, nocturnal enuresis, dizziness, dull feeling, frequent diarrhoea due to hyperacidity.

NATRUM SULPHURICUM: Gastric biliousness, liver diseases, uric acid and diathesis, pancreatitis, hepatopathy.

SILICEA: Growth disturbances of hair, nails, diseases of bones, caries, skin does not heal easily weeping eczema, pyorrhoea.