Atrial Septal

Doctors Name:    Dr. Karthik Ch.Kar

Regd No: B8791


A little girl of aged 4 years came with her parents to my clinic on 7th Aug, 2007. She came with the complaints of dizziness & respiratory trouble. She had been having into this trouble for more than a year. The patient paid visits to few pediatricians and was taking allopathic medicines for the last 6-7 months, before she was referred to a surgeon. Few diagnostics tests like chest X-Ray, ECG, EchoCardiogram were done.

Due to some financial constraint patients father decided to consult a Homeopath & came to my clinic.

What is Atrial Septal Defect?

Atrial Septal Defect is a hole in the wall between the two upper chambers of hearts (atria).The condition is present from birth (congenital).Small atrial septal defects may close on their own during infancy or early childhood.

Hole in heart


  • Shortness of breath, especially during exercising
  • Fatigue
  • Heart palpitation or skipped beats.
  • Frequent lungs infection.
  • Heart murmur, a whooshing sound that can be heard through a Stethoscope.


  • 10 drops of Ephedra Nebrodensis Q added to ½ cup of water was given to the patient for 1 week thrice daily.
  • 5 dropss of Ephedra Nebrodensis Q added to ½ cup of water was given to the patient for 1 month twice daily.
  • 5 drops of Ephedra Nebrodensis Q added to ½ cup of water was given to the patient for 1 month, once daily.

After a thorough treatment she is perfectly fine now. She plays a lot with her friends and never gets fatigued. Even I asked them to go for few cardio logical tests, which confirms her well being.

Note: Patients are not encouraged to follow this treatment procedures and asked to consult a specialist


3 thoughts on “Atrial Septal

  1. Raja says:


    I am raja.I have ASD(os) moderate size.I want know homeopathy medicine. pls send medicine name through my mail.
    My cardiologist told nothing worries about ASD.Daily I am going walking.but I feel that pls suggestion my solution for ASD..

    Thanking u

    1. admin says:

      Dear Raja,
      We are extremely sorry for late reply.I suggest you to speak with Dr.kar directly,who is a well experienced doctor in ASD treatment .Could you please send me your e-mail so that I can send you his personal number.

  2. FreeBSD VPS says:

    Due to the communication between the atria that occurs in ASDs, disease entities or complications from the condition, are possible. Patients with an uncorrected atrial septal defects may be at increased risk for developing a cardiac arrhythmia, as well as more frequent respiratory infections.

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