Rheumatic Heart

Doctors Name: Dr. Ashok Kr. Roy

A lanky boy of 12yrs old came to my clinic along with his aged father. The aged person introduced himself as farmer.He asked his son to take off his shirt and showed me his chest. Rigorous palpitation of his heart was clearly visible .A whooshing heart beat sounds were heard through Stethoscope.

At the age of 11,the boy contracted severe fever. After conducting few pathological tests doctors found it was “Rheumatic Fever”. He was taking allopathic treatments, but unfortunately he received maltreatment and developed “Rheumatic Heart” later.Specific antibiotic course were not prescribed. Doctors then advised him to undergo surgery. But the patients family was not very keen,so they came to me for homeopathic treatment.

rheumatic heart disease

What is Rheumatic Heart?

Rheumatic heart disease is a condition in which the heart gets damaged by the Rheumatic Fever.Long term damage occurs to the Mitral valve or Aortic Valve or both.This damage may causes the valve to “Leak” or become narrowed over time.

  • Fever
  • Joint Swelling , Tenderness, Redness over multiple joints.
  • Small bump or nodulesare formed under the skin.
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Checking the joints for sign of inflammation
  • Checking for Fever
  • Examination of nodules under the skin.
  • ECG (Electro Cardiogram)
  • Echocardiography
Case History of the patient:

Mind:                    Irritable

Mouth:                 Lips dried up, cracked, dryness of tongue and throat, excessive thirst.

Appetite:            Prefers hot foods and drinks,Abnormal hunger,Bitter taste

Stool:                    Constipation, Stool hard

Joint:                     Excessive pain in joints,Redness

Fever:                   Fever with profuse perspiration were noted.

Others:                 While taking rest,he feels relieved.Easily gets fatigued and tired.


According to homeopathic treatment,after taking the totality of the patient, he was advised to take one dose of Bryonia alb 200 on two successive days in the morning empty stomach. He was also advised to report me after one week.

1st follow up:     Within a week, he was cured by 90%. He felt better regarding joint pain,rapid palpitation.He was asked to not to take any medicines and report me after 1 month.

2nd follow up:    After 1 month,he came to my clinic and that time he looked more active,normal heart palpitation, normal appetite.Normal lub-dub heart beat sound were noticed.He was advised to take a single dose of Bryonia alb 1M after 6 month.

Today after 20 years:

He is a well built professor now of an esteemed University.


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    The global burden of disease caused by rheumatic fever and RHD currently falls disproportionately on children and young adults living in low-income countries and is responsible for about 233,000 deaths annually.

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